$25 each

COOL to Show!

$4 each

Photos are not to scale relative to each other or individually.

$3 each

Post Cards     (Stamp Required)

$7 each

Also see more uses at "Also Cool To Wear"!

Thank You Note-Cards with Envelopes

(Stamp Required)

Circular Stickers - Small

$3 for 4

27 inches x 27 inches


Circular Stickers - Large

Get creative with an extra Head Band!

  • Kid's or Teddy Bear's Super-Hero Cape
  • Teddy Bear's Blanket
  • Teddy Bear's Scarf
  • Wall Decor (framed; square or triangular)
  • Place Mat
  • Doily
  • Your own, added ideas!

Pens (Blue Ink)

$3 each

Head Bands... Re-purposed!

Bumper Stickers     (Add your own message on the excess background!)

$3 each

$5 each