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T-Shirts: $30 each

RKP Formal = Black (Adult Sizes Only)

RKP Team = White

RKP Sport = Red

RKP Logo Design, Approx. Dimensions of T-Shirts (top of back to bottom x     side to side) -

English or French.

Design is centered on shirt.

Adult’s 2XLarge:   30 x 26 inches,           or 76.2 x 66.04 centimeters -as available

Adult’s Extra-Large:   30 x 23.25 inches, or 76.2 x 59 centimeters

Adult’s Large:   29.5 x 21 inches,            or 74.9 x 53.3 centimeters

Adult’s Medium:   27.75 x 20 inches,       or 70.5 x 50.8 centimeters

Adult’s Small:   26.75 x 18 inches,          or 67.9 x 45.7 centimeters

Youth’s Extra-Small:  19.5 x 16 inches,  or 49.5 x 40.6 centimeters

RKP 3-English-Words-Only Design, Approx. Dimensions of T-Shirts        (top of back to bottom x side to side) -

3 Words are in Pristina font, and "step up" on left-pocket side of shirt.

Colours: Black, Green, Blue, Pink.

Adult’s Large:  31 x 21.25 inches,           or 78.7 x 54 centimeters

Adult’s Medium:  30.5 x 19.25 inches,   or 77.5 x 48.9 centimeters

Adult’s Small:  29 x 17 inches,                 or 73.7 x 43.2 centimeters

Hey... Teddy Bear and Teddy's other stuffed friends each need a Youth’s Extra-Small t-shirt, too!

T-Shirts with the circular design are the Gildan make.