"World Day of Social Justice"

on 20 February !

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Marlene Harding, Giver and Visual Arts / Media Consulting

The Design…

The design displays the wonderful words RESPECTKINDNESSPEACE.  A heart symbolizes love and other positive values which create RESPECT.  A hand symbolizes acts of KINDNESS, with its thumb supporting the heart.  The mosaic-colors represent the different peoples of the world.  A yin-yang-style curve symbolizes everyone getting along harmoniously to help create PEACE.  Green and blue colors represent the Earth, since the animals and the environment are important too.  It was designed by this Nova Scotian.   - CLH

Now...            Today, we need more than just peace.

Watch us as we become a completely bilingual website!


   "National Hugging Day"

on 21 January !

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Photo Credits:

Cheryl: J. Turcotte; Nova Scotia

cousin Marlene: Marlene Harding; Prince Edward Island


(our small corner of the Peace Movement)...

To help to promote respect, kindness, and peace.  …And, to help to promote stopping hatred, bullying, and violence.  Most people believe in those positive values and treat people nicely. 

…But, let’s RAMP IT UP!


Cheryl Harding, Giver and Founder

The Personal Story…

Like a lot of people, I have experienced verbal bullying - even as an adult - for what I look like and for the bullies' own other reasons.  I’ve wanted to do something significant to help in the world since I was young.       - CLH

Welcome!     Thank you for your visit!    Merci!

The Business Story...

After a significant downturn in the economy affected my small business, I’ve taken employment, and now want to use my small-business to help to do some good in the world.   I thought it would be fun to sell t-shirts; then, I thought... let's make them significant; then, I thought... let's sell more than just t-shirts.  We want to encourage people getting along, doing good deeds, and the very early teaching of all that.  We want to donate a lot of money to charities, and we’re selling a cool design!       - CLH

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    Do it. Teach it. Show it.

Other Special Dates on the Calendar

21 January – National Hugging Day

20 February – World Day of Social Justice

22 February - Anti-Bullying Day

20 March – International Day of Happiness

7 April – Good Deeds Day 2019 (changes yearly)

22 April – Earth Day

1 May – Global Love Day

5 June - World Environment Day

15 June - Smile Power Day

30 July – international Day of Friendship

19 August – World Humanitarian Day

5 September – International Day of Charity

18 September – RESPECT Day

21 September – International Day of PEACE

2 October – International Day of Non-violence

4 October – World Animal Day

4 October - World Smile Day 2019 (first Friday in October)

10 October – World Mental Health Day

13 November – World KINDNESS Day

16 November – International Day for Tolerance

5 December – International Volunteer Day

10 December – Human Rights Day