Want to give a backpack with necessities and other useful items

to someone who's homeless?

Here are suggested small items (just use emergency size, travel size, mini, or few) to fill it with.  Pack it by first putting related items together in a separate clear-plastic bag or baggie.   Insert a piece of card-stock  into each plastic bag/baggie as a label with category of items printed on it.

If everything does not fit into the backpack, pack the cold-weather or hot-weather items (depending on season when you are giving the pack) into a clear-plastic bag then it into the shopping bag (as a 2nd bag to give to same person); but, still give items for both the cold and hot at the same time.

Here we go...

Label = For Cold Weather {for shopping bag or pack}

toque, scarf, gloves, slippers, socks, ice cleats for boots (with note saying what they are), boot laces

Label = For Hot Weather {for shopping bag or pack}

sun glasses, sun hat, sun screen, shoe laces, lip balm

Label = To Clean / Groom You

sanitary napkins {if recipient is female}, incontinence pad, liquid or hard soap, deodorant stick, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, 2 facecloths, hand-towel, comb, mason nail stick, nail clipper, tissue (both a box and a pocket-size pack), hand lotion

Label = To Clean Your Stuff

cleaning cloths, sponge

Label = For Your Safety

emergency foil-blanket, rain-poncho, umbrella, band-aids, medicated ointment

Label = Useful / Handy Items

plastic container with few safety pins / paper clips / rubber bands, pens, paper, 2 envelopes, tape, baggies, cloth shopping bag

Label = For Food / Eating

plastic water bottle, plastic bowl, plastic cutlery

For front pocket of pack:

soft purse containing bus tickets / various coins / 2 stamps,  gift certificate for restaurant, flashlight with batteries {with note saying to turn light on by pressing end of it}, extra batteries for it, Note of care and encouragement from you!

For side pocket of pack:

bottle of water

Please DO... remove any tags from items and open any sealed packaging of items, to make it easy for recipient to access items.   Suggest to the recipient that they look through the items and donate to a shelter anything they do not want to keep.  ....And, wish the person all the best!

Please DO NOT... include items which could be used dangerously (e.g: scissors, razors, oral medicine), or which could cause medical problems (e.g.: nuts, candy, strong-scented items), or which could break (e.g.: bottle made of glass).  ...And, do not ask the person their name, etc., to keep the gift-giving as confidential for the recipient.

Approximate cost for 1 filled backpack with accompanying filled shopping bag is $100 Canadian.


Respectful, Kind, Peacemaking,        Nice, Polite, Courteous, Helpful



family, friends, co-workers, spouses, guardian and child, big brother or big sister and little buddy

(or, do something on your own)


our official t-shirts, your own plain t-shirts with our free printed armband or hat colored by your kids or by you

then perform acts of KINDNESS (giving to: challenged people, elderly people, disadvantaged people, homeless people, immigrants, charitable organizations)

hellos, smiles, good manners (e.g., opening the door at the mall for people), good deeds (e.g.:  rake      leaves, pick up trash, for elderly neighbors), handshakes, hugs, volunteering doing entertaining (e.g., BBQ-ing, doing crafts with the people,  singing, magic show, puppet show) and tasks (e.g.: office work, running errands), small items (please refer to list for backpack on this page)

at various locations (get permission where required from the organizations or local governments)

charities’ events, community centers, seniors centers, seniors in the neighbourhood, shelters, challenged people in the neighbourhood, disadvantaged people in the neighbourhood, hospitals, malls, out in front of grocery and other stores, immigration centers, along downtown sidewalks, at entrances of parks

as often as you like.

 ...And, don’t forget to help animals and the environment too!

 Kids… Be a superhero!

Thank you for what you do!   Merci!

Please also Support the Projects of Others

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